Collecting real-time aerial data has significant advantages over traditional observational surveillance methods. Drones are employed to provide a real-time aerial assessment of activities and identify security threats and emergencies in public or private areas, allowing immediate action. They are faster, cheaper, cover large and difficult-to-reach areas, and reduce staff and cost. Our solutions are designed to offer a fully immersive aerial view using a 360º video.

Autonomous Patrol

Predefined mission configuration for area surveillance.

Danger Zone Patrol

Danger Zone Patrol after receiving warnings or identifying abnormal situations.

Occurrence Control Management

Management and control of occurrences by entities/authorities, through live streaming.


A modern future

Create autonomous missions to patrol public or private areas as strategy for monitoring cities in the future.


Facility Perimeter Control

Patrolling outlined perimeters allows to identify and locate occurrences, enabling monitoring – in real time – until all the action plans are drawn up and security forces are dispatched to the critical point.

The Role of Drone Technology in Safety

Always connected – Remote area monitoring, with live streaming, through one of the multiple types of communication available.

Toggle of the flight mode with a click – Simplified toggle between autonomous and manual flight mode, with just one click.

Detection and Tracking mode – to facilitate the monitoring of the action, in the occurrence of unusual events.


A Class 3 hexacopter powered by a high-capacity battery and controlled by a state-of-the-art flight controller, that can be commanded either by a wireless local radio control or by a remote-control application.


An innovative user-friendly platform providing total remote control of drones in one application integrated with robust functionality that allows creation, monitoring, and review of each mission.


A fixed base station used to increase the accuracy of GPS navigation signals. This will wirelessly send corrections to a moving receiver in real time.