Extreme precision
for advanced operations

beRTK is a fixed base station used to increase the accuracy of GPS navigation signals. In real-time, wireless corrections are sent to a moving receiver.

Stay Connected for every operation

Wi-Fi connection that enables the establishment of an internet connection with other base stations to share positioning data.

On-board intelligence

A CPU on-board the station enables the faster processing of the positioning data



Easy deployment on the field

Due to its stand-alone configuration, it can be easily deployed on the field, without any need of power source availability. The beRTK is prepared to be screwed to the top of a tripod support, giving easier access to the front panel indicators and the back panel connector.


Durability you can rely on

Featuring Li-Ion batteries, with a capacity of 1070mAh and a nominal voltage of 7.4V, beRTK is ultra-compact and up for any task, no matter how difficult. The beRTK offers a battery hot-swap system, meaning one can easily remove one battery to be recharged while the other powers-up the system.

Modern Operations. Higher Precision.

beRTK supports GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo signals. It is effective and easy to set up, offering a real-time differential data for drones to accomplish high-accuracy positioning, at the level of centimeters, allowing:

Range of correction transmission

up to 2,5 km


Get to know more about our beRTK platform by visiting our Docs page!