Flying into the future


Flying into the future


Certified Drones Manufacturer for professional applications or complex operations.


AI and Computer Vision

Custom AI algorithms to achieve fully autonomous operations and take the most of the data collected.


Cloud Platform

Total remote control of drones is one application integrated with data analytics and mission planning.


For me Beyond Vision is like walking through my own dreams which suddenly became reality! Coming from the pretty early days of modern industrial drones I can say with confidence that the team around Dario is really the most promising candidate of becoming number one drone manufacturer in Europe. They found the perfect balance in not reinventing the wheel but developing and strengthening the most important IP on their own. Their systems are all tightly coupled to the 4G/5G mobile broadband network. Their Mission Planning and C2 functionalities are all completely cloud based which opens up all big scale BVLOS command room scenarios to them. Their development roadmap to scale up the company is amazing and they don’t hesitate to think big. Their unique and profound expertise in Artificial Intelligence coupled with the engineering background of Aviation-, Automotive- and Software-engineers is surely one of their strongest assets. Their development principles are agile and customer driven. That, and nonetheless, because they have an outstanding spirit and attitude, I am more than proud being their partner for the German speaking countries.

Sven Juerss

CEO | Founder – Dronergy


Beyond Vision cloud solution is a novelty for the agricultural sector. Also, the company marks stands out for the robustness of the drones, ease of implementation of solutions, including more complex and directed to research, as well as support directed to research. Finally, the real-time support and the features of the platform are remarkable.

José Silvestre

PhD Agronomic Engineering | Senior Researcher INIAV


At Beyond Vision, the energy and willingness to innovate is evident. The team is cohesive, motivated and forward thinking. The projects they are involved in, are well thought and executed from start to finish. They represent the renewal of the Portuguese business fabric and are an excellent sign regarding the quality of education.

Sara Sá

Journalist Visão


As president of APDRONE I have numerous contacts with Portuguese companies working on drone development. Beyond Vision is a unique case in the Portuguese panorama, due to the excellence of its processes. Excellence in hardware, software and in its strategic vision. I augur a good future of this project in the national and international market.

José Lopes

APDRONE President

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