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We believe that advanced mechanics, AI applied to Collision Avoidance and Planning, as well as efficient use of inference hardware, are the key factors to achieve versatile unmanned aircraft solutions.

Mechanics & Hardware

Build the most advanced aircraft using a practical and innovative vision. Perform PCB design, timing and power analyses on the manufacturing. Write robust code for simulation to increase functionality and performance of the aircraft.

Autonomy Algorithms

Develop the core algorithms that allow the aircraft to execute the most complex autonomous missions with high-fidelity representation of the world and planning trajectories in that space. Use state-of-the-art algorithms to build a robust planning and decision-making system that operates in complicated real-world situations under uncertainty. Create vision pipelines for full awareness of the surroundings, and streaming all the data to the beXStream cloud platform.

Code Foundations

Throughput, latency, correctness and determinism are the main metrics we optimize our code for all the aircraft. Develop the SoC and Autopilot software source code from the lowest levels of the stack, tightly integrating with our custom hardware. Implement reliable and customized Linux kernels. Write fast, memory-efficient low-level code to capture high-frequency, high-volume data from our sensors, and to share it with multiple consumer processes.

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