Designed to be 

The HEIFU drone is a Class 3 hexacopter powered by a high-capacity battery and controlled by a state-of-the-art flight controller, that can be commanded either by a wireless local radio control or by a remote control application (ZigBee, 4G, 5G).

32 minutes 

Maximum Flight Time 

65 km/h

Wind Tolerance 

58 km/h

Maximum Speed 

22 km/h

Rate of Climb 

10 cm 

Positioning Accuracy
Catch Each and Every detail

Equipped with a heavy-duty Li-Po battery that powers the system, giving you the best performance to complete highly intensive flights.    





2-3 years

Typical lifespan 

The secret behind a perfect flight

The six arms concept allows the drone to continuously fly and land safely even if a motor gets damaged, preventing an abrupt fall that could destroy the device. State-of-the-art flight controller ensures a stable journey, even in not-ideal weather conditions.

Be in control anytime, anywhere 

With the usage of local communications (such as WiFi), but also long-range mobile networks such as 4G and even 5G, give a good experience of real-time piloting and video streaming.

Accessorise and go 

Increase the flying experience to the next level by adding cameras, sensors, and other accessories
(up to the payload capacity of the drone).

Transportation Box

Transport any type of payload with extreme ease and security. Additionally, it is easy to remove from UAV and proceed with the shipping box.

360 8K Camera

Grab a headset and dive into the scene as you fly. Live-stream in immersive 360º high resolution as the story unfolds. Stay steady with advanced real-time image stabilization.

Multispectral Camera

The ability to generate plant health indexes and RGB (color) images from one flight, and the freedom of platform-agnostic data. Extract knowdedge from your cultivation with one click on the beXStream platform.

High Definition and Depth Cameras

Default cameras that come assembled to the drone; the high definition allows perception for the pilot, even when performing long distance flights. The depth camera gives a 3D world perception for the UAV collision free flights.

6 kg

Maximum Payload 

7.5 kg

Aircraft’s weight 

13.5 kg

Maximum Take-off Weight 

Having an on-board RTK positioning module enhances the GNSS precision to as low as 10cm. Besides GPS, the positioning module supports all major satellite navigation systems such as GLONASS, GALILEO, Beidou and QZSS increasing the positioning availability.

High performance, Better Durability

The Li-Po battery ensures stable and
long-duration power to all the drone’s complex electronic circuits. The HEIFU also comprises a security mechanism that continuously monitors the battery level to allow safe landing of the drone when the battery voltage falls below a safe threshold.

Connecting to the world by beXStream

Our beXStream web platform enables the user to remotely plan and follow all the drone’s movements with the use of a web application. The on-board computer allows the usage of ROS (Robot Operating System), an open platform used to integrate different inputs and run multiple algorithms such as image processing, data relaying and others.

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