AFarCloud aims to minimize the problems and face the economic challenges that agriculture faces, in terms of productivity and cost effectiveness.

About the project

The introduction of digital processes in the various stages of agricultural production will make it possible to deal with the growing shortage of labor, partly due to the depopulation of rural areas.

In addition, it is crucial to make a reliable detection, accurate identification and adequate quantification of pathogens and other factors that affect the plants and animal health to reduce economic expenses, commercial interruptions and minimize risks to human health

The evolution of technology allows the detection and identification of pathogens and other causes that affect the health of plants and animals.


  1. Develop drones tailored for agriculture – with multispectral cameras, for example.

  2. Integrate drones on the AFarCloud platform.

  3. Create tools to assist farmers in the decision making – DSS (Decision Support System).

  4. Create a platform to control drones remotely.

  5. Create cloud infrastructures (based on Kubbernetes).

  6. Generate algorithms to create multispectral maps.

  7. Perform sensor communication.

Tuscany, Italy

Alentejo, Portugal


Beja, Portugal