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A new generation LINK4S connectivity system for the creation and integration of networks of objects for new sustainability paradigms



A new generation connectivity system for creation and integration of networks of objects for new sustainability paradigms.


About the LINK4S project

LINK4S aims to push the boundaries of how the IoT links infrastructures, businesses, and people all together by generating new advanced technical-scientific knowledge to design, develop, build, and demonstrate a novel generation of edge connectivity devices (ECD) and associated platforms (communication and software), which would largely aim at the integration of networks of objects and people for new sustainability paradigms.

The LINK4S project will develop a new generation of connectivity systems based on CPS for the creation and integration of social networks of objects for new sustainability paradigms.

Strategic Objectives

The Link4S is a project consortium, led by NOS and in collaboration with WeDo, Exatronic, REN, Portgás, Wyze, Beyond Vision, CEiiA, DTx-CoLab, INL, and Universidade do Minho.They are committed to generating new scientific knowledge dedicated to the design, development, and testing of a new generation of connectivity devices and their respective associated platforms (communication and software). For the purpose of integrating networks of objects in the context of mobility and energy. The project also intends to develop and validate innovative business models and network concepts. This is basically oriented toward digital solutions designed to improve the standard of living in cities as well as reduce their environmental impact.

In addition, the Link4Sustainability project promotes action towards sustainability by facilitating networking opportunities for businesses interested in sustainability. Hence, connecting individuals and businesses with similar interests and goals. The project aims to create a community of sustainability advocates who can work together towards a more sustainable future.

Overall, the Link4Sustainability project represents Beyond Vision’s commitment to sustainability. Therefore, we strongly believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword but a critical component of a better future for all.


Beyond Vision, NOS-C, WeDo/Mobileum, INL, Exatronic, UMinho, DTx, REN, Portgás, NOS-T and Wyze.


2020.07.01 – 2023.06.30

Overall Investment

​€ 6.156.291,06


€ ​4.732.738,47

Co-Financed By
Lisboa2020 / Horizon2020 / Portugal 2020 with Beyond vision