About Beyond Vision

Beyond Vision has directed its core business towards continuous monitoring and precision farming, being a certified UAV manufacturer. Furthermore, a cloud asset managing platform was developed, which integrates Artificial Intelligence systems, as well as conventional automation.

The company was founded in 2013, focusing on research for the PDM group, from where it inherits the innovation and commitment for state-of-the-art solutions. Since 2019, with the success in multiple European Projects, a roadmap was defined in order to transform some of the prototypes to products.

May 2018

SECREDAS kick-off meeting – the beginning of secure and reliable UAV communication development.

Setember 2018

First UAV prototype.

March 2019

International demonstrations and agricultural fields surveying.

June 2019

Centimetre landing accuracy with visible patterns and RTK combination, creating state-of-art landing algorithm with top performance.

September 2019

AFarCloud meeting in Lisbon. The most innovative ideas for the application of UAVs in agriculture discussed and development planning.

September 2020

HEIFU Certifiation.

March 2021

Mixed aircrafts fleet mission with hybrid aircrafts (fixed-wing VTOL) and HEIFUs.

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